Violent Innocent: Omission and Confidence

  Amnéris Maroni Several Ways of Denying Reality A very short article by Sigmund Freud titled The Negation (1925) is a true gem of the psychoanalytical thinking. It was recently released by Cosac Naify, with translation, introduction and notes by Marilene Carone, and texts by Vladimir Safatle, Newton da Costa and Andrés R. Raggio. With... Continue Reading →



    Amnéris Maroni   Undeniably, The Best Film of the Year. The Nightcrawler was an unexplainable absence on the list of the Oscar’s nominations for best picture in 2015. Not even Jake Gyllenhaal (Louis/Lou Bloom) who is superb in this role, better than in Brokeback Mountain, was remembered in the academy. In that year,... Continue Reading →


INTRODUCTION: FEAR AND PERPLEXITY Pablo Trapero's film The Clan (El Clan, 2015) — previously he had directed Leonera (2008), Carancho (2010), White Elephant (2012) — is an extraordinary cinematic piece. We should also qualify as equally extraordinary Guillermo Francella's acting performances in the role of Arquímedes Puccio — he is a famous comedy actor, therefore,... Continue Reading →

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