My name is Amnéris Maroni. I come from the Social Sciences, but since long ago I have been interested in Psychoanalysis. Why Christopher Bollas? I used to have an analyst, Dr. Antônio Muniz Rezende, who would tell me: “Amnéris, those who call themselves  Bionians, Winnicottians, Jungians, Lacanians, they’re just asserting that they only know how to think in a certain way, and that isn’t an advantage at all”. I agree with Dr. Muniz de Rezende. “To think on a single direction” isn’t advantageous for any analyst, and it also isn’t advantageous for the analysant. Christopher Bollas thinks so, and he summons us up to study the main psychoanalytical schools — the main texts by D. Winnicott, M. Klein, W.R. Bion, J. Lacan, etc., and their commentators — and, after been equipped with all those thoughts. Such thoughts must be put aside as one steps in the clinic, because over there we have a place for thinking — not a place for ”applying theories”, which fatally impose themselves on us, when our intellectual background derives from a single school, no matter what school it is.

In several books and interviews, Bollas criticizes the “pure mind”, the “uncontaminated mind” (pride of many analysts) he considers it to be a fascist mind. He also considers as fascist the fights among the psychoanalytical schools for, when a psychoanalyst picks up one school, he feels an urge to assail all the others.
 Many other reasons drove me to study Christopher Bollas, but the ones brought up above are those more important.

“My name is João Paulo Ayub, and I come to this place after a series of encounters and happenings which were deeply meaningful and tranformative. After a short period of studies and research in the social sciences, at the UFMG (Federal University of Minas Gerais), in Belo Horizonte, I was in Campinas in order to write my doctorate thesis on Graciliano Ramos’s work under professor Amnéris Maroni’s counselling. It has been a decisive encounter with Amnéris, Ramos’s literature, and the stimulating universe of psychoanalysis. During Maroni’s academic guidance, I was introduced to Bollas’s concept of “personal idiom”. This new open door–truely world aesthetics–brought me to this new and inspiring road: Porque Bollas!”