Christopher Bollas’s Poetic Listening

  João Paulo Ayub   “…when it comes to character reception, the analyst’s sensibility is akin to the frame of mind one is in when listening to poetry”. Christopher Bollas   Christopher Bollas is a singular author within the psychoanalytic tradition. Such a statement could be illustrated from an ensemble of concepts, theories, and developments... Continue Reading →

Character and Interformality

Amnéris Maroni ‘Character and interformality’ is one of the most impressive chapters from the book The Christopher Bollas Reader, published in London in 2011. Since his first books, in the late 80’s, especially in Forces of Destiny, which now gains a new translation and edition by the Brazilian publishing house Escuta, Bollas has dealt with... Continue Reading →

Digressions on the Concept of Character in Christopher Bollas: Approaches and Distinctions with Winnicott.

  Vera Barbosa In the introduction to his book Hysteria, Christopher Bollas considers that, by approaching something as complex as hysteria, we are obliged to use all points of view and knowledge to distinguish the essential features and to have an integrated view of the functioning of the hysterical character. Equally relevant are the biological... Continue Reading →

Interview: When the Sun Bursts – The enigma of schizophrenia

Interview: When the Sun Bursts - The enigma of schizophrenia João Paulo Ayub “Schizophrenia is enigmatic”. This sentence, extracted from Christopher Bollas’s book When the Sun Bursts, doesn’t translate just the psychoanalyst’s/writer’s intellectual curiosity, someone who has dedicated decades of his life to the treatment of people who experiments very difficult psychic events. Together with an... Continue Reading →

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