An animist aesthetic

Photo by Isadora Brant Amnéris Maroni and Paulo Victor Albertoni Lisboa Christopher Bollas' plural psychoanalysis invites us to visit his works with a dose of creativity. Rather than adhering to a single theoretical and psychic building structure, Bollas’writings stem from the multiplied experience registries of a plural mind. A mind thus constituted deals creatively with... Continue Reading →

Bollas and the psychoanalysis of aesthetics

Tunga's artwork By Luis Fernando Santos Translated by Deborah Freire “Only rarely does the psychoanalyst feel impelled to engage in aes-thetic investigations”, writes Freud in the first lines of his obscure The uncanny (Freud, 1919/2010). Had he known the work of Christopher Bollas, he would be surprised at the contributions resulting from paying heed to... Continue Reading →

Meaning and Melancholy

Meaning and Melancholy The poetry of existence Luis Fernando Santos, 2019 Trump, Brexit, Marie Le Pen. Far-right movements erupting in France, Norway, Turkey. White nationalists on the streets of Poland, the country that by far suffered most from the Nazi genocide. More recently, Bolsonaro in Brazil, and far-right movements in Spain and Uruguay. “What forces... Continue Reading →

Interview with Sarah Nettleton, author of The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An introduction.

Published in the Magazine online Percurso, edition 61, year XXXI. December 2018.   Link:

About Sarah Nettleton interview

Camila Salles Gonçalves by the Editorial Board of Reviews

The interview complements the review of Maria Vera Lucia Barbosa, of the Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An Introduction, São Paulo, listen, 2018, 151ps.

It is a collaboration that provides the reader with a perspective for the approximation of the work presented in the section Readings 61

Through the paths of Christopher Bollas: Pshychoanalytic theory and clinic

Review of Sarah Nettleton’s The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An Introduction, Sao Paulo, Escuta, 2018.Published in the Magazine Percurso, edition 61, year XXXI. December 2018.                    Link:

Sarah Nettleton, one of the editors of Christopher Bollas's books, wrote, in 2017, The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An Introduction. This book set to be launched in Brazil in 2018. The book addresses major themes of the Bollasian theory and technique such as the receptive unconscious, the psychic genera, the personal idiom, the unthought known, among others. And, with precise referential indications, Sarah shows the reader insightful ways of exploring and diving deep into Bollas's work.

Key words: Christopher Bollas’s metapsychology, personal idiom, receptive unconscious, unthought known.

The Fascist Mind

Amnéris Maroni   INTRODUCTION   Let’s start by taking into account Márcia Tiburi’s question: How to talk to a fascist? (Tiburi, 2017), so that we might debate the author’s answer and try to provide a response to the same question by considering a psychoanalytical viewpoint presented by Christopher Bollas in his essay “The fascist state... Continue Reading →

Character and Interformality

Amnéris Maroni ‘Character and interformality’ is one of the most impressive chapters from the book The Christopher Bollas Reader, published in London in 2011. Since his first books, in the late 80’s, especially in Forces of Destiny, which now gains a new translation and edition by the Brazilian publishing house Escuta, Bollas has dealt with... Continue Reading →

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