Vera Barbosa      Review of Sarah Nettleton’s The Metapsychology of Christopher Bollas: An Introduction, Sao Paulo, Escuta, 2018.  Key words: Christopher Bollas’s metapsychology, personal idiom, receptive unconscious, unthought known.  In about thirty years of direct contact with the Bollasian work, Sarah Nettleton, a psychoanalyst in London, had the opportunity to examine the author’s thinking,... Continue Reading →


The Bollasian Concept of Fascism and Other Commentaries

I've posted on my Facebook page, a short quotation of Christopher Bollas on the Fascist Mind. Such quotation raised a nice debate, a vivid discussion with various psychoanalysts. For this reason, that post and its following debate opens this section Talking About Bollas. Amnéris Maroni. The Bollasian Concept of Fascism and Other Comments. Fascism can... Continue Reading →

Interview: When the Sun Bursts – The enigma of schizophrenia

Interview: When the Sun Bursts - The enigma of schizophrenia João Paulo Ayub “Schizophrenia is enigmatic”. This sentence, extracted from Christopher Bollas’s book When the Sun Bursts, doesn’t translate just the psychoanalyst’s/writer’s intellectual curiosity, someone who has dedicated decades of his life to the treatment of people who experiments very difficult psychic events. Together with an... Continue Reading →

Bollasing the Clinic

  Amnéris Maroni Introduction Some memorable pages in the book Forces of Destiny, by Christopher Bollas[1], demand our close attention, because they redefine the analytical setting in a radical fashion. Let’s not forget that Bollas is a contemporary writer and a singular Winnicottian and Bionian analyst. On an interview for Revista Percurso [2], Bollas tells... Continue Reading →

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